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Clever and functional space saving storage. Using the latest technology and space saving storage designs we can help you maximise your space. We have the both traditional storage solutions and new compact track systems. From a single filing cabinet, to a custom storage run, we have all the storage solutions you need. As well as storage walls, we have a terrific range of cupboards and shelving systems that can be built to your specification. If you require high density storage we can undertake a FREE site survey for you. We can help you with space planning too - using a smaller desk footprint throughout the office can save space.

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There's only so much we can show you on this web page. The images above represent only a fraction of the office storage we have available. We reckon we have one of the strongest and most diverse range of office storage solutions in UK (including a custom design service for specialist storage such as track systems). Click on the button above to go directly to our Flickr site and our storage section.

Storage Options

Mobile shelving systems allow you to either halve the space required for your shelving, or double the storage capacity within the same footprint of traditional shelving. Mobile shelving is ideal for general office filing and archiving. Most systems are 100% relocatable, making them cost-efficient with minimal environmental impact. The track system is usually surface mounted requiring no additional building works or fixing to the floor. Installation is noise and dust free and quicker than most other systems, keeping disruption to a minimum. Call us on 0800 328 4799 for a FREE site survey.
A fire safe cupboard is an ideal place to keep important document and media safe that are crucial to your business. Our cupboards are designed to store a variety of media, from standard paper and documents, through to digital media such as backup tapes, CDs and hard disks. Fire safes come in different ratings and we will help you select the correct one for you. As an example, a normal fire safe would not be suitable for digital media, you would need a dual purpose model. As well as protecting from fire, the safe will resist attack from thieves and burglars. Did you know that our safes will be replaced for their lifetime in the event of a fire occurring! We also off technical help and specialist recovery services in the event of a fire.
Wall storage systems offer an ideal way of storing lots of different items and media in a single run that can form the expanse of a wall. Usually running floor to ceiling, they are able to utilise the maximum about of space efficiently. These systems can be specified with a variety of different innards, such as roll-out file frames, box drawers, pigeon holes and specialist filing systems. The innards are then hidden using a combination of different door fittings and sections. Ideally suited to prestigious areas, such as a boardroom – they allow flat screen displays to be built-in and have the ability to hide external equipment such as PCs and AV items. The design and combinations of these units are limitless, and in the majority of cases the units are modular allowing simple specification. We would usually require a site visit to help you plan and design your unit. Call to book an appointment.

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If you need to store it, we have a space saving solution!

Office real estate is precious. You don't want to waste valuable space that could be used for the benefit of the business. Let us help.

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