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Whether you are looking to welcome your visitors in a reception area, or need a place for staff to meet up on an ad-hoc basis, we have soft seating that will inspire and impress. Using the latest designs and styles we can create brilliant seating configurations. We have meeting pods and high backed sofas to create an air of privacy and a variety of different table styles. All of our products are of commercial quality and designed for a steady stream of people. Fabrics can be treated to prevent the build up of dirt, and some products can be re-upholstered after a period of time.

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There's only so much we can show you on this web page. The images above represent only a fraction of the soft seating we have available. We reckon we have one of the strongest and most diverse range of soft seating in the UK (including a custom and bespoke service). Click on the button above to go directly to our Flickr site and the soft seating section.

A little more about Soft Seating

It might sound a little odd saying that soft seating is 'important', but increasingly this is the case. It was only a few years ago that the majority of soft seating would either be found in a reception area, or perhaps in executive suites. Times have most definitely moved on, and soft seating is very much an important part of any office plan. Soft seating is used to create environments where individual work spaces seamlessly integrate with larger, more collaborative work configurations. Thus, communal areas with a variety of seating configurations are an idea place for ad hoc meetings, or to grab some time away to work without interruptions.
A Breakout Area is typically defined with an array of reconfigurable table and chairs that can be moved around to create a variety of areas for different functions and meetings. The addition of soft seating and booth chairs makes the space an idea place to retreat to when you need to concentrate. Other versions of a breakout area can be best described as a 'chill-out room' with similar soft seating and styling but with the addition of pool tables, games and entertainment. The idea being that the area allows you to switch off, clear your head and become a creative thinker. Perfect for those moments of writers block when that report's due!
We are adjusting to rapid changes in technology, working practices and the places where people work. We are also increasingly collaborating within a more varied and transient workplace. As we increasingly value access from a variety of smaller devices, with longer battery life, instant-on function and intuitive, touch centric interfaces, so the personal desk, with its fixed and tethered technology, will lose its pre-eminence within the workplace. Within the Away from The Desk workplace we are connecting people, not furniture. Using our designs and products we can create the perfect environment to mingle, chat and work in peace or together.

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We have fabulous soft seating in any shape!

We have 100s of different designs and styles in stock. Challenge us to find the design you're looking for - if not we can make a custom one!

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