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Office chairs with designs and budgets to suit all. Most of us working with a computer are likely to spend a high percentage of our time sitting at a desk. Your office chair should be one of the most important purchases you make. You wouldn't buy a cheap bed to sleep on would you? If you consider you could spend at least six hours in a working day sitting down, you'd want something that was going to look after your back and support you properly. Our office chairs are all designed to offer a good degree of support and a full range of adjustability. We are happy to loan samples of our office chairs for you to try, and can undertake ergonomic assessments.

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There's only so much we can show you on this web page. The images above represent only a fraction of the office chairs we have available. We reckon we have one of the strongest and most diverse range of office chairs in the UK (including a custom and bespoke service). Click on the button above to go directly to our Flickr site and the office chairs section.

About Ergonomics

The challenge of designing for the human body is that it comes in so many different sizes and shapes. As a result, a design that may be comfortable for one person can be inappropriate for another. Obviously clothes and shoes come in different sizes to accommodate these differences. Proper fit becomes much more important when it relates to a product that a person will be physically interacting with for hours at a time, for example, an office chair. The true objective of an ergonomic chair is to provide not only the proper function but to ensure the more subtle yet all important aspects of user comfort. Chairs that do not provide effective support and adjustability can significantly increase the spinal stresses resulting in discomfort and increased injury risk.
Some features are mandatory for a good chair regardless of how you intend to use it: Adjustability - Check to see that seat height is adjustable. Seat height range - Check whether the seat height can be adjusted to the height recommended for the worker(s) who will use it. Other chairs may have to be selected for very short or tall workers. Backrest - Check to see that the backrest is adjustable both vertically and in the frontward and backward direction and has a firm lumbar support. Seat depth - Select the seats that suit the tallest and the shortest users. Stability - Check for the stability of the chair; a five-point base is essential for a chair used in a normal office environment.
In recent years a lot of evidence has shown that sitting down for long periods is not ideal. Standing up to work at a desk is not a new thing. In the 50's, Ernest Hemmingway preferred to write standing up and even advocated it. There is growing evidence to support that we are seriously damaging our health by being seated for so long. On average, standing up for three hours will burn 144 calories. Regular changes in the workplace can make long term improvements, and small changes, such as standing at your desk, can make quite a big difference to your health. Want to find out more? Have look at our dedicated Sit/Stand site here: Sit Stand Workstations

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