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Create a room within a room - perfect for open plan offices. Until very recently, if you wanted a new meeting room or office you had to get a new partition built. This is obviously time consuming and has the associated mess that goes with creating it. However, in recent years there has been a new development in the form of moveable pods. The pod is constructed within the office as a standalone room, with minimal disruption. They're soundproof and extremely flexible, and when you move you take the pod with you.

When you can't change the layout of an office go for a pod!

Sometimes you may be restricted in the works you can do in your office. Why not add a pod meeting room. You can take it with you when you grow and move...

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Contemporary, flexible, with unrivalled acoustic qualities, office pods offer complete privacy. They also have unlimited design and branding possibilities to suit your working environment. Feature LED lighting can be incorporated, while optional air exchange units help keep people fresh and alert. Easy to assemble, office pods are just as easy to expand and they are freestanding, meaning they don't need fixing to the fabric of your building. So, even as your business changes, the meeting pods are ready to move (or grow) with you. They are designed to be moveable and modular. This means they are flexible enough to be expanded, should you need a larger working space, or moved easily to another part of your building.
Office pods achieve high levels of soundproofing without sacrificing comfort. By using the perfect balance of sound insulation, air and surface materials, the spaces provide the right level of privacy for internal and client meetings or telephone conversations, while retaining a natural feel. The level of soundproofing means most office pods are suitable for a wide range of environments, including open plan offices. Office pods are designed to have all the functionality of traditional offices, so a lot of thought has gone into issues such as ventilation, lighting and power supply. LED lighting and air comfort systems can be integrated into the ceilings, while power points and wiring can be configured to suit your exact needs.
Rectangular, square, and even round, office pods are a simple way to create an extra room without wasting space. The flexible design means that they can be made to work with the shape of your office and standard storage units, furniture and AV equipment, so every inch of space is used efficiently. Office pods can also be easily reconfigured at any time so can grow, shrink or move in line with your changing needs. Office spaces are designed to be ultra-flexible, so you can reconfigure them as often as you want without wastage. They can be disassembled easily and removed without a trace of damage to the building, ensuring you make big savings on dilapidation costs.

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