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We have all the best office furniture designs you need. Hopefully by now you're beginning to realise that we're not your average office furniture supplier. If you trawl through the Internet and look at the vast majority of suppliers, you will find the same office furniture designs and products site-after-site. If your supplier's web site is dull and uninspiring, what does that say about the products they supply? We prefer to find out what you need, and then match our products and services to you. After all, it is all about you.

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There's only so much we can show you on this web page. The images above represent only a fraction of the office furniture we have available. We reckon we have one of the strongest and most diverse range of office furniture in the UK (including a custom and bespoke service). We are constantly updating our image library, so check back regularly for updates. Click on the button above to go directly to our Flickr site.

Useful Services

The correct planning of a workspace, utilises its maximum capacity and produces a work friendly and safe environment. We will sit down and discuss your requirements so we understand what you are trying to achieve. Once your objectives have been analysed, your space will be designed to be efficient and effective based on your operation and aesthetic requirements, along with financial considerations. Following industry best practice and legislative guidelines we will produce a CAD layout that will allow you to visualise the the space and how will fit.
At Dragonfly, we work with a variety of experienced interior designers. They understand that there has to be a balance between design and functionality. We can either take your existing office, and give it a simple makeover, such as painting walls or changing the carpet. Or we can offer a full design service and completely change the look of your interior. We understand that you will have already spent time and money honing your brand image, and we can help your office environment reflect this. A vibrant and well designed office interior can help retain staff and increase productivity.
Moving any business requires considerable planning and resources. At Dragonfly, we've helped many businesses relocate, both large and small, and have expertise in planning and logistics. Our team of experienced fitters can unassemble your existing desks, and reassemble at your new site. We can help you with space planning your new site, and also ensure that any additional requirements can be pre-empted, such as more furniture, or the install of additional data points etc... Our project managers will make sure that everything runs smoothly, and people are deposited in the right place!

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All that you see here and much much more.

Don't be fooled by our website. If you can't see it here, the chances are we have what you're looking in our portfolio. If we can't find it, we'll make it! Get in touch.

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Boardroom Table

Designs in glass, laminate, and real wood veneers.

Reception Desk

Modular units to create the perfect greeting point.


Latest designs and finishes. Experts in sit/stand solutions.

Task Seating

Modern and ergonomic office seating. Designs to suit all budgets.

Storage Solutions

Intelligent and space saving storage solutions. Organise and declutter.

Executive Furniture

Some of the finest Executive furniture in the UK.

Soft Seating

Imaginative soft seating and chairs for all areas of the office..

Bespoke & Custom

Looking for something original. We can build custom designs.

and more...

We offer full refurbishment and building work services. Our partners can undertake all aspects of works, from a full-blown remodelling to partition runs. Click here for more about our refurbishment services.
At Dragonfly, we work with a variety of experienced interior designers. They understand that there has to be a balance between design and functionality. Click here for more about our interior design services.
We have a vast range of products and services. Contact us with your requirements and see how we can help you. Click here to request more information about our products and services.