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Using Dragonfly Office screens to create protective barriers within offices, without creating oppressive “fortresses”. There is no definitive answer to the question “What height should barrier screens be?” The main function of barrier screens is to protect against coughed or sneezed airborne droplets, which are relatively large and fall from the air, due to gravity, within a short distance.

No screening can fully protect against viral aerosols — fine particles that can float in the air for hours — but the weight of evidence seems to suggest that aerosol transmission is negligible, if it occurs at all, outside of healthcare settings where there is very close contact between infected people and healthcare workers.

We suggest that 660mm above desk height provides an appropriate barrier against airborne droplets between seated people, and floor standing screens 1895mm high an appropriate barrier between standing people (or a standing person and a seated person).

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As well as our protective screens, we also have a complete range of standard office screens. We reckon we have one of the strongest and most diverse range of screens in the UK (including a custom and bespoke service). Click on the button above to go directly to our Flickr site and the screen and dividers section.

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Our screen portfolio spans a wide spectrum of screen systems - from total workspace solutions which provide completely independent free-standing offices, break-out and reception areas to individual workstations. We can provide intelligent screen systems that support high capacity cable management for today's ICT requirements, to which third level storage and accessories can be added. This helps reduce the workstation footprint and saves valuable floor space. At the other end of the scale, we can also provide relatively simple, free-standing and desk-mounted screens for dividing space. These provide ergonomic workstations and help organise the space.
Many of the desk screens we have available are able to accommodate toolbar rails that allow items to be clipped onto them. This is especially useful where desk space is at a premium as it allows you to lift items off the desk. One of the biggest benefits of a toolbar system is being able to mount flat screen monitor arms to them. Not only does this take the screen off the desk it has the added benefit of moving the screen to eye height, thus making it far more ergonomic for the user. In addition to screen arms, we have letter trays, telephone mounts and various pots and holders available. Finally, a lot of the screens we have available are pinnable, which means you can use them as a notice board too.
Today's modern work place is an open plan area covered with smooth, hard materials such as marble, glass, laminates and wooden flooring. It may give a great interior aesthetic but these surfaces also provide the ideal conditions for sound to travel and cause problems. Our specialist consultancy service can create balanced, comfortable acoustic landscapes in virtually any working environment. Using carefully managed noise control, we will eliminate common noise related problems, such as stress and lack of concentration. By using a combination of screens and acoustic panels we can dramatically reduce ambient noise levels.

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We can build you a screen to any size. Our custom screen service will have what you need!

As well as custom screens we have 100s of screens in all manner of shapes and sizes. In most cases we can match in with existing colours schemes and designs.

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