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What is Hybrid Working? Hybrid working is a careful balance between working from home and office-based working. It gives employees the freedom to go back to the workplace part-time and work remotely for the rest. Hybrid working is all about being able to move between a home office and a traditional desk. Hybrid working will embrace work from home solutions and new back to work ones as well. A company’s employees are their biggest asset and the office environment should encourage staff retention as people are now having the power to actively choose where they work. A well designed aesthetically pleasing office offers them a location they will enjoy coming to.

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There's only so much we can show you on this web page. The images above represent only a fraction of the breakout furniture we have available. We reckon we have one of the strongest and most diverse range of breakout furniture in the UK (including a custom and bespoke service). Click on the button above to go directly to our Flickr site and the breakout section.

Flexible Working

In the office, we're increasing working away from the desk, on a couch, in a collaborative lounge, cafe or lobby. Just look at a hotel lounge. They are becoming more attuned to the mobile worker with more flexible, work-friendly public spaces. In an age of laptops with enough charge to work all day without a charge we are no longer tied to the desk. Booths offer an excellent way to escape to work on a project where you need to concentrate or for a small ad-hoc meeting without the need to book a room. The workplace will be mobile and social in nature, so that communication moves beyond one-to-one towards many-to-many to capture the power of social networking.
Being able to move seamlessly from concentrating quietly, to having a quick 10 minute conversation with colleagues, to a three hour team meeting within the same office space delivers a new vitality to the collaborative workplace. Being continuously on view - both physically and online - has to be balanced with the need to be able to work with privacy and concentration. The most effective spaces bring people together and remove barriers, while also providing sufficient privacy.
Many of the breakout systems we supply can incorporate technology and solutions for connectivity. We can build in convenient power and data access allowing charging of devices during your stay. In addition, large flat screens can be built into back walls/screens and tables with wireless connectivity or connection via HDMI. Other booths feature built-in speaker systems that can be connected to via bluetooth. If you have specific connectivity we can build custom modules to your exact specification.

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We have 100s of different breakout designs and styles to choose from. We can also make complete custom units to your specifications.

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